Vast caravan and camping kits are available from  Force Electronics.  For more information please contact us.

Starter Kit $499

Kit includes – 1 x DVBS2-800CA / Receiver / 80cm Dish with detachable arm / Tripod / 10m cable / LNB / 12 months warranty.


  Australian VAST certified

  12/240 Volt operation for home or RV use

  Compact size 220 mm x 180 mm x 47 mm

Pro Max Fully Automatic Motorised Satellite TV System


  Fully automatic self aligning, with built in GPS

  Suitable for caravan, motor home, motor vehicle and camping use

  Latest technology flat panel design

Satking Orbit automatic Satellite TV dish


The Orbit has a 85CM high gain dish to provide coverage for VAST & Foxtel Australia wide. Just press OK, simple.

Utilising the latest in GPS technology to locate your exact location, the Orbit will quickly locate the desired satellite signal.

The SatKing Orbit is built for harsh Australian conditions, it’s rugged, well made with all metal drive gears. Designed in Australia and produced in Korea, the unit is perfect for travelling off the beaten track.

The Orbit represents great value for money and is big on features but low on cost.

The SatKing Orbit is backed with a 2 year Australian warranty and fully supported by SatKing, a big Australian-owned company. Need assistance or help whilst on the road? Don’t worry, we have a 1300 helpline to assist you on your travels.

satellite TV – KU Dishes


The 75cm folding KU dish is a very compact satellite TV dish perfect for traveller to use for either Foxtel of VAST around Australia. The unit is heavy duty with a rolled edge dish panel and a steel arm mount to stand up to the rigors of travel. The package also includes a padded bag and 3 pegs. (note no LNB included)

Satking SK-3200 VAST Satellite TV Finder


The SatKing SK-3200 is digital satellite Finder specially designed for VAST satellite TV. Being MPEG 4 the unit has been pre-programmed with the VAST paraFinders pre-set making the Finder very easy to use. If the other Finders you find just say digital they are not MPEG4 so they will not last. Simply plug the unit in to the dish and use the signal level bars to align you dish and once the level bars go green and the signal beeper is sounding the dish is aligned correctly and you are on the correct satellite. Then plug the antenna cable into your vast receiver or Foxtel STB and it will scan the channels in for you. The unit has a built in high power battery so the unit does not need to be connected to the VAST receiver to be used. Unlike many other lower priced Finders on the market this Finder you can actually receive VAST transponders. Many other mid lower cost Finders you are actually just receive the signal from the MPEG2 format and this could end anytime rendering your Finder useless. Special Note: All VAST services are MPEG4, there are no VAST MPEG2 services. If you have Foxtel and think this Finder sounds perfect for you well it is, you can simply align your dish on the VAST settings or simply select TP 3 in the sat setting menu and the unit will receive the actual Foxtel signal.