Azure Shine 80cm KU Offset Satellite Dish

Azure Shine 80cm KU Offset Satellite Dish

Product Description SatKing 80cm flat top KU band satellite dish. Offering impressive gain figures of 39.5dB at 12.5GHz in a compact size. This dish, due to its ‘flat top and bottom’ design is strong and being zinc treated under the painted finish., will last a long time in inclement weather conditions.

The Azure Shine 80cm offset satellite dish is  ideal for VAST and Pay TV reception away from metropolitan areas. The single LNB support arm design of this dish makes it a popular choice for caravaners

Choose whether you require an LNB (amplifier on the front of the dish).  If using for a single basic decoder such as VAST, a single LNB output will be required. If using to connect to 2 x VAST decoders, 2 x single tuner decoders or a twin tuner decoder such as Foxtel IQ or MyStar, choose the twin output LNB option.

Single LNBF support arm
*LNBF not included
Perfect for caravanning, camping and travelling

This Dish can be modified to a Quick Release LNB Arm using a 80cm LNB Arm Adaptor.

Pack Options

Single Piece Loose from a Crate: 205016 (pickup only)
Single Piece in a Cardboard Box: 205006
3 Pieces in one Cardbaord Box: 206006
Crate of 70 Pieces: 207006

Antenna Size: 80cm
Dish Material: Steel
Finish: Polyester Powder Coating
LNB clamp: 40mm
Offset Angle: 21°
Aperture Effeciency: >80%
Horizontal Axis: 80cm
Vertical Axis: 73cm
Gain@12.5GHz KU: 39.5dB
Focal Length: 47.6dB
F/D Ratio: 0.7
Mount Type: Az/El
Azimuth Alignment 360°
Elevation Alignment: 15°  – 87°
Pole Diameter: 30-48mm
Operating Temperature: -40°C – +60°C
Operating Wind:90km/h
Survival Wind: 180km/h