Oyster Vision V

Receiver independent model


  • Very simple operation
  • Innovative swivel-head technology
  • Fully automated satellite searching and aiming
  • 85 cm antenna dish for optimal reception range
  • Automatic satellite swap by channel change
  • Ready for reception in an instant
  • Automatic retraction at vehicle start (terminal 15 must be connected)
  • Dish arm made of ultra-light magnesium
  • Updates via smartphone
  • Single-cable solution
  • Aerodynamic design for low wind resistance (in the retracted state)
  • Weather and hail-resistant construction

OysterV Brochure

Why it’s Great for both users and installers:

Free iOS and Android app provides dish status, software and model version information, and makes controlling the position of the dish quick and easy.

Specification Information

Weight and dimensions

Dish diameter / dimensions: Ø 85 cm

Height: ~ 17 cm

Weight of external unit: ~ 11 kg
Weight of mounting material & accessories: ~ 3 kg

Feature Box: (W x H x D) 19,5 x 2 x 11,6 cm

LNB and SKEW equipment

TWIN LNB with automatic SKEW, electro-mechanical

Power Supply
Connected voltage (on-board voltage) : 12 V / 24 V
Max. current draw during satellite search:  7 A
Current draw (reception mode):  15 mA
Current draw at standby on 12-V on-board system normal / power-saving (direct connection) 15 Ma

Operator panel V5
Dimensions operator panel (without mounting frame): W x H x D : 11,8 x 7,1 x 0,8 cm
Dimensions operator panel (with mounting frame): W x H x D : 12 x 7,3 x 1,9 cm

Dimensions FeatureBox: W x H x D : 19,5 x 2 x 11,6 cm

Scope of supply
Oyster® V external unit: yes
Mounting plate:  yes
Operator panel and FeatureBox:  yes
Connecting cable kit, operating- and mounting instruction: yes