Satellite TV –  Dishes

Oyster Vision V Reciever Independent Model New Release

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The Oyster Vision 3 will locate the satellite for you and your pre-supplied satellite receivers/purchased VAST/other Free to Air box will do the rest. Oyster Vision 3 benefits in full:

  • Digital satellite search
  • Receiver-independent with user-friendly control unit and multiple languages
  • LEM (Last Elevation Memory) technology for reduced search times – antenna searches at the elevation angle of last reception
  • Operates in adverse weather conditions
  • Automatic retraction at vehicle start – and like a real oyster, contents are protected when the shell is closed
  • High-quality craftsmanship and durable materials
  • 3 year warranty and reliable service
  • German design and engineering


Satking 75cm folding KU dish

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The 75cm folding KU dish is a very compact satellite TV dish perfect for traveller to use for either Foxtel of VAST around Australia.
The unit is heavy duty with a rolled edge dish panel and a steel arm mount to stand up to
the rigors of travel. The package also includes a padded bag and 3 pegs. (note no LNB included).

Azure Shine 80cm Ku Offset Dish

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The Azure Shine 80cm offset satellite dish is  ideal for VAST and Pay TV reception away from metropolitan areas. The single LNB support arm design of this dish makes it a popular choice for caravaners. Detachable arm.


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Pro Max Fully Automatic Motorised Satellite TV System

 – Fully automatic self aligning, with built in GPS
 – Suitable for caravan, motor home, motor vehicle and camping use
 – Latest technology flat panel design



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Orbit Fully Automatic Satellite TV System

– 85cm High Gain Dish
– VAST & Foxtel Compatible
– Fully Automatic Self Aligning
– Easy to Use